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Answers to A Book of Abstract Algebra, 2nd ed. by Charles C. Pinter

  1. Chapter 1: Wht Abstract Algebra?
  2. Chapter 2: Operations
  3. Chapter 3: The Definition of Groups
  4. Chapter 4: The Elementary Properties of Groups
  5. Chapter 5: Subgroups
  6. Chapter 6: Functions
  7. Chapter 7: Groups of Permutations
  8. Chapter 8: Permutations of a Finite Set
  9. Chapter 9: Isomorphism
  10. Chapter 10: Order of Group Elements
  11. Chapter 11: Cyclic Groups
  12. Chapter 12: Partitions and Equivalence Relations
  13. Chapter 13: Couting Cosets
  14. Chapter 14: Homomorphisms
  15. Chapter 15: Quotient Groups
  16. Chapter 16: The Fundamental Homomorphism Theorem
  17. Chapter 17: Rings: Definitions and Elementary Properties
  18. Chapter 18: Ideals and Homomorphisms
  19. Chapter 19: Quotient Rings
  20. Chapter 20: Integral Domains
  21. Chapter 21: The Integers
  22. Chapter 22: Factoring into Primes
  23. Chapter 23: Elements of Number Theory (Optional)
  24. Chapter 24: Rings of Polynomials
  25. Chapter 25: Factoring Polynomials
  26. Chapter 26: Substitution in Polynomials
  27. Chapter 27: Extensions of Fields
  28. Chapter 28: Vector Spaces
  29. Chapter 29: Degrees of Field Extensions
  30. Chapter 30: Ruler and Compass
  31. Chapter 31: Galois Theorey: Preamble
  32. Chapter 32: Galois Theorey: The Heart of the Matter
  33. Chapter 33: Solving Equations by Radicals

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