Mark Meretzky’s Friends and Family

Friends with web sites

  1. iOS/Android interview at QCon Brooklyn, June 2013.
  2. Ho & Meretzky Educational Bicycle Tours, September 13–15, 2013. Chickens.
  3. Ben & Olga: Send a Piana to Havana.
  4. Michael S. Goldfarb
  5. Karen Halbert (of Philon)
  6. Ann McDermott
  7. Philon.
  8. Benny Pollak is in Time Out.
  9. Naomi Rosenblatt, her nephew Haskell, and his garden.
  10. Emily Sper
  11. Elissa Ann Weiss and her Salomone Trio have their music at Portland, Oregon. She has a picture, and a CD.
  12. Leah Wells published an article about dyslexia.
  13. Frank Wortner is taking martial arts. Also here.
  14. Tom Wrona at Wrona World


  1. Mark’s mother was the 1940 New York State typing champion. Tuesday, May 14, 1940, page 9. Article.
  2. Tom Meret, David Meretzky’s older brother
  3. Hanukkah 1965 at Dorothy’s house, 50 Sunnyside Drive, Yonkers. Left to right: Estine Markowitz, Shari Markowitz, Jay White, Suzi White, Brian Heaps, Mark Meretzky, Steven Meretzky, David White, Jan Markowitz, Lee Freitag, Dorothy Meretzky.
  4. Grandma Dot and Mark, November 19, 2014
  5. Grandma Dot and Alan Dubin, November 19, 2014
  6. Mark and Steven Meretzky at Steven’s company Game Show Network, 150 Spear Street, San Francisco, California. November 5, 2014,
  7. Alan and MaryAnne’s barbeque, September 20, 2014.
  8. Mark’s brother on the Pacific Coast Highway, 2013.
  9. Aunt Ev and Jay visit Grandma Dot on August 6, 2013.
  10. Linda and Jay visit Grandma Dot on February 18, 2013.
  11. Linda and Phil visit Aunt Ev, August 13, 2013.
  12. 2013 Hanukkah Party: Jay, Linda
  13. Seder, March 26, 2013.
  14. May 5, 2013 at Jing Fong. Mark and Steven.
  15. Mark’s brother is on the left in this 12/28/97 picture by their cousin. He wrote the Hitchhiker’s computer game and works at Blue Fang. Infocom tribute at 1:37:10.
  16. Mark’s son and daughter have their own pages.