Create your own World Wide Web home page on

Create a subdirectory of your home directory named public_html. Make sure that it has an underscore, not a dash. Chmod both directories to rwxr-xr-x if they do not already have these permissions.

Use any editor (ed, vi, emacs, etc.) to create the following file in your public_html subdirectory and name it index.html. Chmod the file to rw-r--r-- if it does not already have these permissions.

<TITLE>Alfred E. Neuman's Home Page</TITLE>
<H1>Alfred E. Neuman's Home Page</H1>
Welcome to my home page.
Here are the things you should know about me.
I want all the power of a Robert Moses without his overbearing...
<ADDRESS>My email address is</ADDRESS>

Then tell your friends (and put a note in the .plan file in your home directory) that your World Wide Web URL is