Compile, Link, and Run GTK on has two versions of GTK. Version 1.2 is in the following directory and “shared object” library. (This is the version that the i5 /usr/sfw/bin/gtk-config knows about.)

Version 2.0 is in
The manual page for libgtk says to run the command
/usr/sfw/bin/info gtk
which displays a “hello, world” C program that uses GTK. See g++ (p. 56) for the -I option; ld for the -L and -R options.

main.C makefile


To run the C program on, launch an X Window server such as on Mac OS X. Log into i5 via the X Window server:

ssh -Y
Launch the C program by saying
echo $?
You may have to pull down the X11 Window menu and select Bring All to Front.