Ring World

Script and video.


  1. Sound board: volume up for output, CD, and DVD; down for all others.

  2. CD: entrance music.

  3. Video_projector: monitor select line 1, input select line 2 for DVD. Brightness and contrast down.

  4. VCR: power on to enable video from DVD. No VCR tape.

  5. Laser disc: disc 4, Chapter 28 (large rotating Saturn).

  6. Slew: set to 8:00 –9:00 (9:00 is slowest). First slew is upwards, (139 SwitchoN SWCH: O), so move to bottom.

  7. Zoom: not used.

  8. Zeiss: March or April 2004, just after sunset. All five naked eye planets visible.

  9. Spice: DVD-RING.CUE. Go through setup until the room lights come up (98 1 Fade 100 LAMP:ABC).

  10. Once the setup is complete, load the Ring World DVD (line 99). The DVD will automatically start playing when it is inserted. Press the DVD PLAY/PAUSE to keep the show from starting without you (line 100). This will project a blue rectangle with the word “PAUSE”, so make sure the video_projector is dimmed down. You can, if you wish, allow the DVD to run until just before the SMPTE “start” time for the show (about 1:20.00) and then press the DVD PLAY/PAUSE.

  11. Audience entry sequence.


Whenever there is motion in the video, move stars in the other direction to exaggerate the motion.

  1. DVD PLAY/PAUSE to launch the show. Fade up the video_projector.

  2. Laser disc: disc 4, Chapter 28 (large rotating Saturn).

  3. Huygens approaches, move Zeiss stars.

  4. Stars off.

  5. Stars on.