Audience Entry

Things to do before audience entry for any show. The planetarium seats 123.

  1. Planetarium exit: red light on, back room door closed, velvet curtain closed.

  2. Zeiss whites and blues up.

  3. If you choose to run the Andrus Almamac as the audience enters, point XP Firefox at
    and follow the setup instructions. DLP input 1 for XP; SFX E2 to rotate the paddlewheel. Please use the “General Entrance File” PowerPoint presentation on the XP desktop when people walk in for The Sky Tonight at least, the 3:30 show when possible.

  4. Shirt pocket: laser pointer and sample planetarium ticket. For The Friendly Stars, left pants pocket: Spice remote control.

  5. Audiency entry music: press PLAY on CD player. Sound board sliders up.

  6. Planetarium entrance: back room door closed. Toggle the entrance light to wip audience into a frenzy, open door slowly to avoid crushing children. Turn off the entrance light after the show begins.

  7. Speech:
    This is the [12:30] show.
    The best place to sit is the back three rows.
    [Hold up ticket.] Could I have your tickets please?

  8. Call front desk at x211 to see if there are latecomers.