To match XP with DLP,
Control Panel → Display → Settings → Screen resolution 1024 by 768.

To enable DLP,
SFX B7 to move paddle wheel
DLP Input 1 for XP

To escape from the almanac and advance to the to the slide show, press right arow →.

Firefox version 3.0.4

Close all other tabs.
No longer have to View → Toolbars → hide Navigation and Bookmarks toolbars
No longer have to View → hide Status Bar
Tools → Options&hellip → Content → Fonts & Colors → Advanced →
Fonts for: Western
Size: change 14 to 22
Proportional: Serif
Serif: Times New Roman
Sans-serif: Arial
Monospace: Courier New
Size: change 14 to 13
Minimum font size: change 10 to none
Press OK twice.
View → Full Screen (F11)
Press down arrow ↓ to begin.

Internet Explorer

View → Text Size → Largest
View → Full Screen (F11)
right click → Auto-Hide
Press down arrow ↓ to begin.

Safari on Mac

View → Hide Address Bar
View → Hide Bookmarks Bar
View → Hide Status Bar
Press down arrow ↓ to begin.

Update the almanac

cd ~/public_html/planetarium/src/almanac
vi /coverage/
vi blocking/makefile