Light Years from Andromeda

The show is in, thanks to the capable slide-production skills of Julie Hembeck, the intern who was here a few weeks ago. It’s mostly automated. The zoom is not used, the slew is used but doesn’t move. The operator points out Sirius, Betelgeuse, Rigel, and of course Andromeda. It’s a short show: only about 30 minutes.

Premiered Sunday, June 22, 2008. Link to show at Loch Ness Productions.
Cheat sheet

Cavewomen as well as cave men? Betelgeuse light originated in correct century? Individual star exploding in Andromeda not visible.


  1. Cassette player, Zoom (Projector T), orrery: not used.

  2. Sound board: volume up for output (to 0), CD (to –30), and DVD (to –25); down for all others.

  3. CD: audience entrance music.

  4. DVD: Lightyears from Andromeda. Video projector: input select line 1 to get video from DVD. Then brightness and contast down.

  5. Zeiss: south pole in front of audience to make the sky look unfamiliar.

  6. Spice: ANDROMED.CUE.
    1. Slew (Projector R): slightly to right of center, halfway up dome. Doesn’t move; used in line 324.
    2. Line 71: audience enters when 71 Time 9.40 highlighted.

  7. Audience entry sequence.


  1. Press DVD PLAY/PAUSE to launch show. I didn’t see the rectangular button we get for Larry, and I couldn’t launch the show with the DVD remote ENTER. Video brightness and contrast up immediately. Zeiss starts on, slow diurnal motion.

  2. Galaxy: stars on.