Solar System Safari


  1. Insert Solar System Safari carrousels into projectors MNO.

  2. Soundboard: DVD show volume to –25.

  3. Video projector: Monitor select and input select to line 1. Brightness and contrast down. Video projector monitor on. To project the show DVD through the video projector, plug the black “Show DVD” cable into the show DVD’s “video 2 composite video out” and the video projector’s lower “line in—1”.

  4. Show DVD: Solar System Safari. The video projector monitor should display one large rectangular button.

  5. Spice computer: DVD-SSS.CUE.

  6. Slew and zoom: not used.

  7. Zeiss: North in back as usual, 41° N latitude.

  8. Audience entry sequence.

The Show

  1. To launch the show, push PLAY on the DVD player ENTER on the remote. Video brightness and contrast up.

  2. Orrey on at 6:12 after Kuiper Belt and Pluto are mentioned.

  3. Zeiss stars on at 7:19 when clouds and blue sky fade. They stay on for the rest of the show.

  4. After the show, replace carrousels MNO.
Because Safari is only 35 minutes, just like Larry, the show ends and there is a moment when the dome goes black before the lights come up so you can do a brief star talk.